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chemical euthanasia for pets euthanasiachemical euthanasia for pets Welcome to the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce!

The Bay Area, consisting of Coos Bay, North Bend and Charleston,
is a truly unique community. Located on the Southern Oregon Coast, home to some of the most spectacular beaches and sand dunes in the world, the Bay Area has become a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and retirees to experience living in the unspoiled beauty that surrounds us, and is the perfect nest for young families to grow.

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Our business community accentuates individuality and character while our retailers strike a balance between distincively local shops and nationally known chains.

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So whether you're a first time visitor, prospective new resident or business owner considering relocation, once you come here, you'll never want to leave.

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Oregon's Bay Area... You'll love it here!

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  • The Independent Business Operators Lunch Forums (IBO) are held every Wednesday from September through June at 11:30AM-1:00PM in the Salmon Room of The Mill Casino Hotel.

  • Business After Hours are held

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    the last Wednesday of every month.
    Please contact the Chamber for monthly locations.

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    The Chamber
    now has ad space available on its website for members to advertise their business events and/or current business specials. Email your information and/or flyer to to take advantage of this great new free service for Chamber members!

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